Cala De Benirras

Cala De Benirras

Cala De Benirras is a small yet stunning beach located on the north coast of the island of Ibiza. With stunning bright water and cliffs lined with pine trees, this is a beach you don’t want to miss.

Benirras is definitely a hidden treasure of Ibiza, it is most famous for the rock formation placed in the middle of the bay. The entire structure shapes Benirras as a sandy cave wall. If you want to take a break from a fast-paced vacation, you definitely have to spend some quality time at this quiet location. This beach’s highlights are the interesting cliff/rock formations, unique fishermen’s huts, restaurants, crystal clear water, sandy beaches and its’stunning view of the sunset.

Top Attractions or Things to Do at Cala De Benirras

The Magical Sunset: The wonderful view of the sunset makes Cala De Benirras commonly spoke about amongst locals. The sunset creates a relaxing atmosphere with warm light, the sound of waves and dreamlike beauty. The sunset seems even more enchanting on Sundays because of the routine drum parties the locals host there. It is among the best sunset spots in Europe.

The Local Market: One of the best things about Cala De Benirras surprisingly, is its’ shopping. The local market contains everything from jewelry, leather goods and other hand crafted products. Boutiques, juice bars, fresh fruit smoothies, cocktail bars and lounges are all over the market.

The Feast of the Drum: You can easily hear the sound of drums coming from the beach on Sundays. Hundreds of tourists gather here to participate in this major, localized event. It is said that many years ago a group of peace protesters showed up one day during the sunset to play drums and dance and from that day on it turned into the culture of that beach. Dozens of locals and tourists join together to live in the moment and soak in the good vibes amongst a beautiful sunset and the sound of drums in the air.

Be a Part of the Wedding: This beach is the host to many weddings due to its absolutely stunning and raw environment. You will definitely have an amazing day to remember, either getting married here or just being a guest at a wedding.

Snorkeling and Other Water Sports: This beach also hosts numerous water sport activities. It has coastline around the way where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc.

Boating for a Different Experience: If you want to enjoy the sunset from a different view, we highly recommend chartering from Ibiza to this beautiful beach. Watching the sunset aboard your private yacht, a crisp drink in your hand and your loved ones by your side is an amazing way to experience a Cala de Benirras’ sunset.

Top Bars, Restaurants and Hotels

The restaurants and bar list here are fewer than Ibiza’s because of this beaches’ smaller bay. Elements, Zeno Pizzeria, Restaurant 2000 and Roca Y Mar all in which offer mouthwatering Spanish food and enjoyable drinks to complete your day. These restaurants are connected directly to the beach so you can easily watch the sunset while eating dinner.

Hotel Can Planells, Puerto de San Miguel, Olé Galeón Ibiza, Hotel Rural Can Maries, San Miguel Park / Esmeralda Mar are some great options of accommodations near Cala Benirras.

How to Reach Cala Benirras?

Though the locals and other tourists drive here by cars, taxis and buses, arriving here upon a private yacht is simply the best experience. Cala De Benirras is famous for unique free spirited vibes and what ways to better experience them, then on a private charter.

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