The Balearic island of Formentera is a relaxed and low key beach city located in Ibiza's southern side. It is the fourth largest island in the Balearics, well known for its sensational beaches. On this particular island, there are no tall buildings, stress, traffic lights and not an airport in sight- only untouched nature, stunning coastline, and a laid-back atmosphere. It became famous after Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd visited this marvellous island back in the 1970s. From Madonna to Leonardo DiCaprio, its’ incredible solitude has attracted many celebrities, nature lovers, and tourists alike. Formentera is an amazing destination for your charter in Spain or Ibiza. Eat, drink, sleep, explore, and repeat. See below what our clients love most about Formentera.

Top Sights to Visit in Formentera

  • San Fernando: It is centrally located in the Formentera villages that act as a great base to explore the heart of the island. You can rent a bicycle to tour its streets, and other popular locations. San Fernando has numerous bars and restaurants for your choosing pleasure.
  • San Francisco: The largest village of Formentera has a 10th-century castle, 18th-century church, and Town Hall. Es Caló is a charming fishermen village and is well known for its’ horse-shoe shaped bay. Stroll the shops or enjoy delicious cuisine when you visit EsCalo.
  • El Pilar de la Mola and La Savina: El Pilar de la Mola is the highest geographical location in Formentera. It features a beautiful lighthouse, where you can get a birds-eye, panoramic view of Formentera. La Savina is the port city of Formentera and boasts a unique nautical atmosphere. There are traditional cafes, restaurants and on-trend bars located everywhere here.
  • Juan y Andrea: One of the most popular restaurants on the island. Juan y Andrea is well known to be a great stopping point for charters. Enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and sea food while dipping your toes in warm water.
  • Cap de Barbaria: Another well known lighthouse on Formentera. A highly recommended spot for our clients is the Torre des Garroveretdefense tower, it is a unique and one of a kind scenic lookout point.
  • Ca Na Costa Graves: Visit the megalithic graves of Ca Na Costa that date back to 2000 BC. Nearby, Lake Estany de Pudentis another highly sought out attraction due to its tranquil water and surroundings.

Top Beaches, Hotels And Restaurants

Best Beaches: With sparkling white sand and crystal clearwaters, Formentera is a pure paradise for beach lovers. The beaches on this island are comparable to the ones in highly sought out, Caribbean destinations. The purity of its waters aredue to the presence of Posidonia Oceanica, which is a sea grass that filters water, produces oxygen, and even protects plant and animal life. The facilities are excellent everywhere, whether you visit a secluded beach or the most popular beaches in Formentera.

  • Playa Illetes: It is ranked as the No. #6 best beach in the world. Located 5km from the port of La Savina, this beach has a series of islets where you can walk and swim through the water. Playa Illetes is a stunning beach for snorkelling and scuba divers alike.
  • Playa de Levante: On the eastern narrow side of the peninsula where Playa Illetes is located, you will find a broad sandy beach – Playa de Levante. Levante exudes relaxation because of its’ easy going pace. This side of the beach is popular amongst surfers because of its’ strong undercurrent.
  • Playa Es Pujols: This is a broad sandy beach with sand dunes, rocky off shore formations and beautiful views. Known for its over look point, Playa Espujols attracts photographers and tourists alike. Due to this beaches’ calm current, we highly recommend our clients with the desire to partake in water sports here.
  • Playa Migjorn: It is the island's longest beach, shaped like a half-moon. Chiringuitos and beach clubs are found in abundance at this beach. Playa Migjorn is also well known for its restaurants, which serve phenomenal cuisine. The north-western end of this beach, is popular amongst snorkelers because of its quality of untouched marine life.
  • Playa Es Arenals: This is located on the southern end of Playa Migjorn. Famous for diving and windsurfing due to its’ minimal exposure and un-crowded beach front.
  • Cala Soana: This picturesque cove is one of our top recommendations for tourists. You will see fantastic views of Formentera by day and stunning sunset views by night. The transparent, turquoise water is perfect for sun-bathing, relaxing and snorkelling.
  • El Tiburon: It is a quiet and peaceful beach with bright, see through waters and soft white sand. You can reach the steep rocky isla of Es Vedrà, simply by walking along the boardwalk.
  • Playa Tanga: Backed by sand dunes with shallow blue waters, this beach is popular for beach volleyball because of its’ soft, silky sand. Enjoy delectable, fresh seafood dishes at the La Tanga beach restaurant.
  • Other beaches: Playa Tramuntana is popular amongst all beach goers. Last but not least, Es Caloin which there are several small islets and restaurants to choose from here.

Hotels: Talaya Formentera is a secluded hotel featuring 10 bungalows and four smaller studios with gardens and a pristine beach front. Agriturismo Es Pas hotel has eight bedrooms with acres of farmland olive vineyards which make for a stunning countryside feel.

Restaurants: Restaurants in Formentera serve Mediterranean food with a fine Italian twist. Most dining establishments are located by the sea where you can dine amongst stunning oceanic scenic views. A majorityof the most popular restaurants on Formentera are near Ses Illetes and Playa Migjorn. Top restaurants consist of the following; Restaurante La Savina, Es Codol Foradat, Es Calo, Restaurant La Tortuga, Panperfocaccia, Aigua, Pequeña Isla, La Mariterrane Formentera, Es Codol Foradat, Claro Formentera and more.

Things to Do in Formentera

  • Shopping: You will find authentic local pieces here, such as jewelery, ceramics, clothing and crafts. The biggest market is La Mola, which is an artisan-filled night market in San Fernando.
  • Cycling: There are 32 greenways and beautiful streets that you can discover on a bike or foot through the numerous Bike vendors.
  • Nightlife: Formentera has a laid-back nightlife, known for its lounges and relaxed- beach clubs. For a night out, head to Beso Beach for cocktails and dancing or go to the Blue Bar on Playa Migjorn for a more club-like experience. The Tipic club is known for hosting popular and upcoming DJs. Other beach clubs include but are not limited to: Pineta Club, Bananas & Co, Pachanka Club and The Beach.
  • Water Sports: Explore the untouched beauty of Formentera, your way - windsurfing, paddle boarding, swimming, paragliding and jet-skiing all of which are great ways to do so. For kayaking, there are several beautiful routes. You will find amazing marine life during your diving and snorkeling excursions. Most water sports activities are found at La Savina, Es Pujols and Playa Illetes.
  • Boat Trips and Parties: Beautiful beaches, sunshine, private yacht options, clear skies, transparent waters, fantastic cuisine and a relaxed, chill environment– make for a perfect charter. Select the vessel that suites your group and get started on planning your trip to Formentara.

Formentera is the quintessential symbol of a laid-back beach vacation with a dose of beach clubs, lounges and a booming nightlife. If you are interested in adding a trip to Formentera while chartering with Yachts Ibiza Charters, send your booking inquiry to us or contact us directly by clicking here.