Playa Xaracca

Playa Xarraca (or Cala Xarraca) is a gorgeous bay with crystal clear waters, stunning coastline and plentiful nature. Playa Xarraca is popular amongst tourists who partake in swimming, sunbathing and it is said to have phenomenal snorkelling. The small bay is divided into three of the following parts: the center portion, (the busiest of the three) where a majority of tourists enjoy water sports, while the left and the right ends are famous their nudist beaches. Surrounded by lush green forests, rocky pathways and amazing views, Playa Xarraca has a lot to offer you.

Playa Xaracca – Beach Facts

  • The bay is located 27km from Ibiza Town and merely 5km away from Sant Joan. It is either accessible via ground transportation or a private charter. Although the bay does not let yachts directly access it, small dinghies and kayaks can be rode in to the beach.
  • Playa Xarraca is only 85m long and 20m wide. Most of the bay area is rocky and contains Posidonia, which has completely taken over the coast.
  • The beach is crescent-shaped and surrounded by cliffs. There is a muddy area located to the left of Xarraca. The mud contains many nutrients in which are said to have healing properties

Top Restaurants and Hotels

Hotels and Villas: From 5-star hotels to villas available for vacation rentals, Playa Xarraca offers plenty of options for your accommodations. Some of the best hotels you can stay at, during your vacation include Sandos El Greco, Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort, Barceló Portinatx, Agroturismo Ca Sa Vilda Marge, Portinatx Beach Club Hotel and Presidente. If you are planning to rent an entire villa for a more exlclusive experience, then you can check out Villa Novia, Villa Libra, Villa Leo, Villa Balafia, Es Raco and Casa Valentina.

Restaurants: Restaurants in and near Xarraca offer Mediterranean, Spanish and European cuisines. You can try delicious dishes and local cuisines such as, Restaurant Xarraca, Restaurant Bar Bahia, Swallow's Nest, Restaurante Real, Restaurante Buena Vista, Restaurante Rincon Verde, S'arena, Don Quijote, Jardin del Mar, La Ciguena, Es Puet Blanc, Grop's Lounge and Restaurante Pinos Playa.

Things To Do in Playa Xarraca

  • Sunbathing: You can rent lounge chairs from the nearby Restaurant Xarraca, where you can relax the day away and soak in the beautiful scenery.
  • Sunset watching: Playa Xarraca is not just popular among water sport enthusiasts, people come here for the magnificent sunset views. If you hire our luxury yacht charter services for your Ibiza vacation, Playa Xarraca is just a memorable charter away.
  • Kayaking: Navigate Playa Xarraca on a kayak and adventure the small islets and water pools. During your kayaking tour, you can visit the marine caves near Cala Xuclar and cliff dive from the rocks of Black Point. Many tourists love the sunset kayaking tour for a better view of the setting sun.
  • Diving and Snorkeling: Dive under the clear waters to see a different world which is full of marine life. The rugged coastline is a perfect hiding place for sea creatures and make for great snorkelling exploration.
  • Rock Climbing and Jumping: This little bay area is set in a natural cove and has a cliff overhanging the bright blue water. There are thick knotted ropes hanging from this cliff to let tourists enjoy gentle swings into the ocean. For all you thrill seekers, you can even cliff dive but please use caution doing so.

Nearby Destinations – Cala Xarraca

Cala Portinatx (2.1 km) Is a family-oriented place rather than a party town. You will find very few shops, bars and restaurants here. The secluded nature, dense forests and its’ amazing blue coastal water attract families and tourists alike. You can do a 10km hike from Portinatx to reach Punta de Xarraca. On the south of Portinatx lies the Cala Xarraca bay area.

Sant Joan (5km): It is a secluded village situated on the north side of Ibiza. Its laid-back style, traditional culture and bleached white Ibicenco will impress you. Cala San Vicente is the beach located near Sant Joan. The village hosts an artisan market each Sunday where you can buy Ibizan herb liqueur, jewelry, food, leatherwork, candles and more.

Cave of Can Marçà (5.1 km): This underground cavern is intriguing and illuminated by numerous coloured lights. Originally used by smugglers, this cavern looks more like a scene from Jurassic Park. Covered with stalagmites and stalactites, the visitors love the cavernous drops and magnificent views through the openings of the cliffs.

Cala de San Vicente (8.6 km): This golden sandy beach is dotted with palm trees and a beautifully-made promenade. It is quite popular among international tourist, families and couples. There are numerous bars and restaurant to choose from but you definitely have to try the organic food from the On the Beach restaurant.

Aguas Blancas (9.1 km): It is a stunning beach with dramatic cliffs and soft golden sands. Aguas Blancas is a great place to watch the sunrise. Chiringuito is the most popular restaurant here and serves delicious bocadillos with guacamole.

San Carlos de Peralta (9.2 km): This village in the northeast of Ibiza was once popular among peace protestors. It has beautiful markets, old buildings and an 18th-century church. We definitely recommend our clients to visit their two incredibly popular beaches Cala Llenya and Cala Mastella.

Playa Xarraca is an alluring and charming beach known for its high cliffs and secluded nature. At Yachts Ibiza Charters, we want to make your trip to Playa Xarraca even more memorable and luxurious with our services. If you are in Ibiza, it is worth visiting Playa Xarraca aboard your own private yacht. Click here to view our yachts and vessel options available, or Contact Us directly to book your Playa Xarraca excursion.