Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila

Before we start listing the numerous day and nightclubs, beautiful beaches and most visited destinations in Dalt Vila, let’s first take a look at the historical side of this culturally rich town.

Dalt Vila in History

Dalt Vila was founded as Ibiza's second colony in the seventh century. The Phoenicians (whom were the first citizens of the town), built the walls for their protection against invasion. At that time, the town was known to export handicrafts and artisanal goods through the Mediterranean Sea. In the 10th century, the Arabians attacked the town and caused a great deal of damage. In the barbaric era, the town flourished with various religious, cultural and political buildings. During the 15th century, the town met urbanization and left the culture behind which can be seen today. While visiting Dalt Vila, you will find yourself intrigued by ancient artifacts, roman statues, churches, monasteries, museums and other historical charms. All these things make the city extremely interesting and culturally dense.

Today’s Dalt Vila

The bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and markets contain a fascinating mixture of old and new cultures of the city. We highly recommend our clients to visit Dalt Vila because of its’ panoramic views, rich culture and stunning historical beauty. The old town was declared as a world heritage site in 1999. A visit to this town will give you a glimpse of the historical Ibiza, in a new modern way. A guided tour of the city will help you to make the best of your visit, time and money during your stay at Dalt Vila.

List of Top Attractions of Dalt Vila

Museums: As said above, it’s a cultural city, so there are numerous museums in Dalt Vila, which showcase history and illustrate its growth over the centuries. Ibiza and Formentera Archeological Museum, The Puget Museum, Puig des Molins, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza are a few museum options that give you a glimpse of Ibiza’s archaeological and contemporary arts.

The Cathedral: Situated at the top of Dalt Vila, this simple Gothic-style building has a Valencian influence and provides magnificent views of the sea. This is definitely on our top recommendations for travelers and locals alike.

Plaza De Vila: In which, is considered the chocolate-box of Dalt Vila. It is known to be a trendyand modern spot travelers speak highly of. At the Plaza de Vila, you can find many restaurants, art galleries, shops, sources of entertainment and various handcrafted goods. The artifacts sold at Plaza De Vila reflects its’ rich history and modern influences on the culture.

Walk the streets of Dalt Vila: Explore the city walls, narrow lanes and the unique streets of Dalt Vila on foot. The narrow, steep cobbled and winding streets of this historical town will leave you with a sense historical awe and appreciation.

Dramatized Visit of Dalt Vila: Leave no room for imagination when hiring a private tour around the town of Dalt Vila, which can last nearly 2-4 hours. At a very minimal fare, you will learn about the history and how they have been able to protects its’ treasured culture throughout the years.

Best Restaurants, Hotels and Bars:

Dining: The city gives you access to local restaurants that enhance your experience by providing exceptional food. Bodega, Kyupidd, El Olivo, The Mirador Dalt Vila, Restaurante Dalt Vila, La Tana, La Torreta and La Dispensa are some of the most popular restaurants that showcase Dalt Vila’s culture through cuisine and fine dining.

Accommodation: A list of popular hotels and resort accommodations include but are not limited to the following; Apartahotel Lux Mar, La Torre del Canonigo, Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila, Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza, Curio Collection by Hilton, Nautico Ebeso Hotel, Apartamentos Llobet.

Bars: There are plenty of lounges and bars that showcase the towns’ talent for mixology. Mar I Pins Ibiza, Bar La Carbonera, Pub Casanova, Soap Bar Ibiza, S'Escalinata, Dunes and Nassau all offer a wide variety of exotic cocktail options to choose from.

Things to do in Dalt Vila:

Get Closer To the History: Your visit to Dalt Vila is incomplete if you don’t immerse yourself in the history and battlement of the Old Town. The real attraction of the town lies within its historical and educational depth (which is nearly 3,000 Years old).

Enjoy the Party: The town is popular for its cultural and historical artifacts, architecture and museums, year around. The beginning of summer is when Dalt Vila really comes alive. This time of the year is famous for offering a different dimension to the jazz and dance community alike. Another popular time of year in Dalt Vila is May, in which the Ibiza’s medieval festival takes over the town.

Enjoy A Movie Under The Stars: Dalt Vila has its own open-air theater where you can watch the latest films under the stars. A large screen in front of you, stars above you and numerous options for your favorite candy, drinks and popcorn, all of which make this experience a must see for the average movie-goer.

Sail Around Aboard a Luxury Yacht

Spain offers countless travel opportunities to tourists, worldwide. We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of options to aid in your exploration of Spain. We recommend our clients to visit Dalt Villa because it provides you with a historical and cultural importance needed to understand Spain, in its’ entirety. At Yachts Ibiza Charters, we are here to make your charter to Dalt Vila more educational, entertaining and adventurous. You can contact us directly to learn more about our charter packages and yacht options for your travel needs.