Es Vedra

Es Vedra is a“mystical” rocky island that is situated on the southwest tip of Ibiza. It is claimed to be one of the best kept secrets of Spain due to its’ untouched nature, ancient magnetic polar fields and secluded, rocky shores. Part of the Nature Reserve, this island is a highly sought after tourist destination among vacationers who come to Ibiza. Referred to as the jewel of the Balearic Islands, Es Vedra has a unique and “magical” aura to it. This rocky island stands nearly 413 meters tall and is full of stones and rock formations dated from an ancient time period. This popular island destination attracts more than 6 million people every year. Here is what the magnetic energy of Es Vedra has to offer you:

Fast Facts About Es Vedra

  • Es Vedra is made of mesozoic limestone. It is believed that seismic movements caused shifts in the Betica Mountain Range. Caused by continued splitting and movement of the below surface, resulting in the formation of islands, islets and the Es Vedra ridge.
  • Es Vedra is a centre of research into the Mediterranean's native flora and the delicate ecosystem of the Ibizan reserve. Its beauty and diversity attract scientists and tourists alike. It is classified as a Marine-Terrestrial Nature Reserve.
  • Es Vedra is a privately-owned island that belongs to 30 families from Sant Josep.
  • People claimed to have witnessed strange sightings of “UFO” or unexplained experiences there.
  • There was once lived a colony of goats on the rocky islets of Es Vedra.
  • Researchers say that Es Vedrá, al Peñón de Ifach and the south-east coast of Mallorca create a triangle named “triángulodel Silencio” (Triangle of Silence), which is similar to the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Navigational instruments are affected when you travel near the island because it foreign magnetic field.
  • Fishermen have even claimed that they have heard strange noises under Es Vedra and even witnessed “underwater lights”.
  • Due to its’ strange “mystical aura”, it has been a meeting destination for spiritual people searching to connect themselves with the “healing energy” of the island and practice meditation there.
  • Es Vedra has been mentioned in the book “My Relations With the church” by the Carmelite friar Francis Palau y Querwho was exiled from Barcelona and stayed there for a week without any food.
  • Local legends also deemed it to be the home of mermaids. Also according to Spanish ancient legends, it is also known to be the birth place of Tanit, the goddess/protector of women.

Es Vedra Became Popular Because

  • The island appeared in the front page of Mike Oldfield’s 1996 LP Voyager.
  • It appeared in the background of Reflekt's music video "Need To Feel Loved"
  • Aly& Fila collaborated with The Thrill seekers to create a song named Es Vedra
  • The island was shown as the mythical island of Bali Haiin the 1958 Hollywood film South Pacific.

Top Things to Experience in and around Es Vedra

Boat Trip to Es Vedra: Travel to Es Vedra aboard a private charter to see the mystical power of this island.Or from a distance, enjoy dining aboard a luxury yacht with great food and drinks. The island is a blend of pinewoods, cliffs, coves and islets. You can even partakein snorkelling in the clear waters that surround this island.

View from Cala D’Hort: This beach is known for its fantastic view of Es Vedra. Soak in and marvel at the rocky cliffs that Es Vedra provides. You can view them eitherfrom the shore or from one of the beach restaurants here on Cala D’Hort.

Wildlife Watching: Humans do not reside on this island but wildlife is in abundance here. You will find brightly coloured wall lizards living in this rocky terrain and endangered gulls and falcons perching on the coastal cliffs. There are 166 rare plant species that grow here. If you are lucky enough, you can see the many bottlenose dolphin families that migrate through there and the loggerhead turtles that swim near the Es Vedra ridge. The island is home to protected birds like Eurasian thicknee, Theckla larks, the Eurasian nightjar, the Greater Short-toed and the endemic Balearic Warbler.

Sunset Watching: Charter to Es Vedra with one of our luxury yachts for an opportunity to experience its magnificent beauty and its’ highly spoken about, sunsets. Its scenic views often attract photographers and creative people from all around the world. We offer sunset cruises to give our clients an opportunity to experience the spectacular views that Es Vedraprovides.

Attractions Near Es Vedra: Relax in the tranquil setting of Cala D'Hort. Enjoy the distant view of Es Vedrà while dining upon freshly caught seafood at the El Carmen Restaurant. Es Boldado restaurant is situated high in the cliffs and overlooks Es Vedra perfectly. Travel to the defence tower of Es Savinarto catch a good glimpse of Es Vedra as well. Cap Llentrisca is another overlook point in which numerous photographers capture stunning shots of Es Vedra.

An excursion to Es Vedra is perfect for people who like hiking, yoga retreats, mysticalor spiritual experiences and thrilling trips. Es Vedrais an impressive natural landmark, in which you must visit during your yacht charter in Ibiza.

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